About Total Grit

Trevor White founded Total Grit in 2021 with the intention of designing an apparel line that outwardly expresses the inner struggles that we all face everyday. We believe you can achieve anything in this life by owning the fact that you are responsible for creating your own reality.

Our imagery represents an evolution in mindset. This insignia in our main logo means "Create Your Own Reality". We believe that if you employ the right mindset, you can create whatever reality you desire. This message is employed in every Total Grit item that we create.
This brand evolved to feature our original Teddy design, symbolizing that sometimes we are all bursting at the seams like our Teddy friend. It is about how we respond when facing any difficulty life can throw at us. This is what we embody with every Teddy item we feature.
The "Keep Moving Forward" collection serves as a reminder that the everyday adversities and trials of life will pass so long as you focus on finding and pursuing a purpose that is larger than yourself.